What is iNeverSolo?

Better than a trail of bread crumbs...iNeverSolo is a unique new service that allows you to create a detailed online plan for your particular activity (outdoor or urban) and alerts your designated contacts via email if something goes wrong and you are unable to reach your destination as planned. Built for the myriad of activities – everything from backpacking to ice climbing to kayaking to sailing to walking the dog – iNeverSolo is your virtual safety net when things go awry. When you register your plan, iNeverSolo offers you, and your contacts, vital peace of mind.

How does it work? See the Video

Free and simple. Once you register and set up your account, you enter a plan for your chosen activity, providing such key information as your starting point, any significant waypoints, your mode of travel and final destination, as well as when you expect to be back. You also designate one or more emergency contacts, providing their email addresses and/or mobile numbers. You and iNeverSolo are now good to go. If you do not officially close your plan as expected, iNeverSolo automatically attempts to contact you. If unsuccessful, for whatever reason, iNeverSolo then emails and/or texts your designated contacts the information about your activity – where you went, to do what, and when. Most important, iNeverSolo alerts your contacts that your plan remains active and that something might be wrong. They can now take steps to locate you. With iNeverSolo, you won’t be stuck "out there" waiting for someone to realize that you are missing.

Like many a great idea, iNeverSolo started on the windswept deck of a sun-soaked sailboat. For those who sailed the crossing between the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, good practice called for sailors to let someone know the important details of their journey: vessel name and description, where they were headed, when, and an estimated arrival time. This vital information was left with someone and was known simply as a "sail plan”". If you failed to reach your destination, a sail plan's critical information enabled the Coast Guard to narrow its search.

That same smart thinking is practiced by private pilots who must file a "flight plan" with the FAA before any long distance flight. It's just good planning. Inspired by the sail plan’s simplicity and versatility, and modeled after the aviator's flight plan, iNeverSolo offers the diversity of outdoor users a single place to file a personal plan that provides vital information if or when the unthinkable happens.